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crossposted sorry

So I need advice (obviously)
Ok, me and my mother keep fighting about the most random shit. She fusses at me for everything and I literally don't do anything wrong. People who know me can verify that I never deserve being yelled at. So, she let me stay with my BF for a few weeks or so. Now that I have...I realize that his family treats me better than my own. his mom said she might let me move in. ill be 18 in 7 months...but i cant take her for that long. what should i to her about it? or just try to go get emancipated?
help.... :-(
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well, i would tell you to just walk up to your mom and say "we really need to talk". If you can, just sit sown with her and make sure you both know where the other one's coming from. If that doesn't work, just stay at your bf's house for as long as you can or stay over with your friends a lot. I know a guy who is in the crappiest relationship in the world with his parents. He just stays nights with different friends until his friends' parents bug him about going home. Then he moves to another friend's house. He's been doing this for as long as i've known him. I dunno if this'll work for you, but it's a possibility.

lots of good luck to ya (hope i helped)-- wingin_it